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History of VELCRO® Brand products

VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fastener - inspired by nature.

In 1941, a Swiss inventor named George de Mestral noticed a Cocklebur that had become attached to his dog's fur whilst they were out on a hunting trip in the Alps. Having tried various materials George established that nylon was the ideal product to work with to create a durable fastener giving the best and most consistant results. Developing the machinery to manufacture the hook and loop tape took years of dedicated effort but eventually paid off when mechanisation of the production was finally achieved and patent granted for the product in 1955.

The name VELCRO® comes from the first syllables of the French words velours (loop) and crochet (hook) and, contrary to popular belief, is not the name of the product but the brand name and trademark of the hook and loop tape manufactured by Velcro Companies. Since the company's official inception in 1959, Velcro Companies have launched an extensive range of hook and loop fastening products which can be found in use across many industry sectors including aviation, medical and packaging.

VELCRO® Brand products Today

Today, VELCRO® Brand products are part of our everyday life, offering practical, versatile, convenient and safe non-permanent fastening solutions. Innovation and development continues in earnest to produce new products with specific characteristics to serve the needs of the many industry sectors served by Velcro Companies.