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6m LogiStrap® Strap

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The 6m x 50mm green LogiStrap® Strap is highly-visible, fully adjustable, and quick to use. The strap is designed to secure boxes onto pallets but can also be used for a range of other applications where it can stow and transport goods with ease.

The versatility of the 6m LogiStrap® Strap gives it numerous advantages over shrink wrap. It requires no other equipment to secure a load and is incredibly protective, boasting a strap resistance of 1059N – all whilst improving health and safety standards.

The strap also supports labelling, as it doesn’t obscure any barcodes or information on shipments, speeding up the process of incoming and outgoing goods. Furthermore, the 6m LogiStrap® Strap is environmentally friendly and generates zero waste, representing significant cost savings over time.

This strap is available as a single strap or as a pack of six.

  Data sheet – LOGISTRAP 

Type Hook 088 Loop 001
Width 50mm
Length 6mtr
Our Code VSTP50GR
Manufacturer’s code E103000506A606
Attachment Cinch Strap
Style Strap
Colour Green
Country of Origin Spain

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